State of Housing

Unpacking the HB854 Statewide Housing Study

Over the coming months, we’ll use The FWD and our social media to break down all 30 chapters of the HB854 Statewide Housing Study into quick digestible bites. Each issue will include:

  • Succinct, plain language topic summaries,
  • Data visualization highlights,
  • Updates from agency partners and practitioners, and
  • Bottom-line takeaways that explain “why this matters” to help you tell the story to your colleagues, friends, and elected officials.

We hope this content will give you a full understanding of the study’s findings without needing to read all 80,000 words across 400-plus pages. Be sure to subscribe to The FWD to receive the latest editions directly in your inbox.

Renting in the Commonwealth

State of Housing #8: Renting is the only option for a growing number of Virginians, so available and affordable rental housing is more and more important.

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Who Are We?

State of Housing #4: Demographics are fundamental to understanding Virginia’s current and future housing needs.

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