Affordable housing issues are complex. But, much can be learned from examining data and hearing about the stories and experiences of others.

What are organizations in other geographies doing to effectively address housing issues and policies? HousingForward Virginia has assembled research, best practices, toolkits, and resources to shortcut the research process for organizations working to address or advocate for affordable housing in Virginia.

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Workforce Housing Toolkit

Housing the average worker is becoming more of a challenge as prices rise and wages stagnate. But HousingForward Virginia is here to help you rise to the challenge.


A web-based platform for mapping and visualizing affordability issues by geography in Virginia.


A tool that displays the breadth of affordable housing policies and programs across Virginia.

Messaging Toolkit

Data is only half the battle when making the case for affordable housing. The other half is messaging, and HousingForward Virginia can help you with that.

Overcoming NIMBY

Research and ideas for building positive perceptions of affordable housing to overcome the “not in my back yard” mentality within communities.

Affordable Housing 101

We provide breakdowns of types of affordable housing, a glossary of terms, a guide to creating affordable housing, and a guide to awareness campaigns.

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