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Innovation and rapid change are transforming industries around the world. The pace of change can be so fast that it’s important to see beyond the horizon to know what’s coming. The affordable housing industry is no exception.

In 2019, HousingForward Virginia and the Virginia Center for Housing Research at Virginia Tech sought to create a unique learning experience enabling participants to hear from speakers on the cutting edge of change and experience the latest innovations across the industry. Thus, HousingX was born.

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In 2019, we hosted two events: our first conference which we called Rethink the Box, and the first in our xChats series of smaller panel discussions. In May 2021, xChats returned in a new, virtual format.

HousingX 2019: Rethink the Box

xChats October 2019: Charlotte’s Affordable Housing Success Story

xChats May 2021: Affordable Housing Beyond Our Borders

xChats October 2021: Can 3D Printers Fill In the Gap?

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