xChats October 2021

Can 3d Printers Fill In the Gap?

In Virginia, 2021 has been year of housing challenges—and innovations. The first affordable 3D-printed homes are underway in three parts of the Commonwealth, thanks to a partnership between Virginia Housing, Alquist 3D, the Virginia Center for Housing Research, and several non-profit affordable housing developers. Now that the ground has been broken, hear how it’s going and what these homes mean for the future of affordable housing in Virginia.

Panelists & Slides

Zachary Mannheimer, Alquist 3D

After a road-trip from NYC to 22 cities around the country, Zachary chose and settled in Des Moines in 2007 founding the Des Moines Social Club, an arts and educational non-profit. Since opening its doors in 2009, DMSC hosted over 5000 events for over 1,000,000 patrons. In 2020, Zachary founded Atlas Community Studios, a team helping rural communities plan for growth. Working in over 20 states, Atlas works to revitalize communities through economic, cultural, and entrepreneurial concepts. Zachary is also CEO at Alquist 3D, a construction company that uses concrete 3D printers to create homes, buildings, and other structures aimed at dropping the cost of, and solving the housing crisis. Zachary serves on the boards of Iowa Public Radio and Iowa Rural Development Council. He lives in Iowa City with his wife Sarah, and their three kids Mira, Benjamin and Fiona. He is an opinion contributor to The Hill and his work has been written about in the New York Times, Time Magazine, Politico, The Atlantic and dozens of community  publications.

Stephen Bastien, RMT Construction

Working very closely with the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Stephen oversees all operational aspects of RMT Construction & Development Group’s Commercial and Residential projects. This includes staffing and scheduling to ensure expectations for timely completion are met, quality control to ensure delivery of an exceptional project, and overall responsibility for managing job site safety, security and compliance with all applicable Federal, State and local agencies. With over 20 years of working in the construction industry, Stephen brings extensive knowledge and experience in commercial, industrial, and residential building. 

He has overseen critical infrastructure projects such as wastewater treatment plants, water towers, petroleum storage facilities to innovative technology projects such as 3D Printed Concrete homes. Stephen’s degree in Business Management lends to the knowledge, skills and expertise necessary to manage complex contracts and programs awarded by various commercial and private contracting entities, communicate clearly, and manage the expectations of clients. Stephen gravitates to the complex and unique projects that are presented to RMT and has a love for historic renovations. He remains actively involved in the construction process and engaged with the entire project team.

Marion Cake, project:HOMES

As the Vice President of Affordable Housing Development at Project:HOMES, Marion Cake is responsible for the design and implementation of development strategies and programs that provide affordable homeownership opportunities throughout central Virginia. During his 21 years in community development, Marion has worked closely with municipalities to utilize federal, state and private grants and financing to bring over 250 homebuyers to new and renovated homes on previously vacant properties and provide repairs for over 2,500 low-income homeowners. His fundamental strategy has been to support homeowners in changing neighborhoods, emphasize their community’s unique character and build the highest quality home possible to help buyers and their communities benefit from homeownership.

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Virginia Housing
Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development
Virginia Governor's Housing Conference
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