xChats October 2019


After the tremendous success of HousingX 2019, we wanted to keep promoting innovation and new ideas throughout the year, not just at our main, biennial “un-conference.”

So, we decided to launch a new series called xChats, which will fill in the gaps between conferences with exciting panel events. Our first xChats panel was on October 9th, and featured speakers from Charlotte, NC to talk about their recent affordable housing victory.

Charlotte’s Affordable Housing Success Story

Leaders in Charlotte, NC recently raised $100 million in capital for affordable housing projects. That included $50 million in housing bonds, approved by 69% of voters in Charlotte, and $50 million from private sector sources. This was an incredible achievement, one that organizations in Virginia took serious note of. What lessons can we learn from them to push us towards similar success?

Featured Speakers


Charlotte Housing & Neighborhood Services


Managing Director
ESG Capital Deployment
Bank of America


Executive Vice President
Foundation for the Carolinas

Jeanne Milliken Bonds

Senior Manager
Regional Community Development
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

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