Affordable Housing 101

What is the housing issue that needs to be addressed?

A communications plan starts with a clear description of the issue that needs attention. What is the housing problem/issue that requires attention? Is the problem/issue confined to a particular segment of the population (elderly, very low income, homeless, first-time home buyers, etc) or geographic area (downtown housing, select neighborhoods, etc)? The description of the issues should not be a thesis but a clear, concise paragraph that details the conditions related to the problem/issue will be the most effective way to communicate.

The description of the housing issue should describe what change or end result is desired  that addresses the issue/problem.

Example: Issue Statement

The Mayfield neighborhood has recently seen foreclosures on 20% of the housing units in the neighborhood. The housing sales market is so depressed that many of the units are vacant and are a blight on the occupied homes. This reduces existing property values even further. The problem has been ignored by public officials and existing housing resources have not addressed this problem. Reallocation of resources to help purchase and renovate the vacant properties is urgently needed.