20×20 @ HousingX 2022

What’s Your Story?

You have a story of innovation you want to share. You’re teeming with ideas—but you can never seem to explain them concisely.

That’s what 20×20 is for. You get 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide to tell your full story. It forces you to cut out everything except the absolute essentials of your idea.

At HousingX 2022, we are excited to present 2 concurrent 20×20 sessions, focused on innovations in different fields of affordable housing. These will take place on Wednesday, May 25th at 2:15pm in the Salon III and Blue Point conference rooms.

Innovations in Development and Construction

Salon IV/V


Minimizing Construction Risk through Data-Driven Decisions

Presented by Patrick Hennessy, Director of Scheduling and Analytics at Harkins Builders

This presentation will take the listener through a brief road map on how to create a culture of data gathering, data management and analytical processes. This can be used to predict, understand and constructively influence the time and cost outcomes of construction projects and organizational portfolios, thus minimizing risk. It’s about helping leaders make the best decisions possible at the right time.

Goodsaw, Inc.: A Proposal for a Non-Profit Sawmill in Virginia

Presented by Overton McGehee, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Virginia

A non-profit sawmill would save lumber costs for housing non-profits, but the barriers to entry are huge.

Built for Speed: A Streamlined Affordable Housing Process

Presented by Orlando Artze, Program Vice President at Virginia LISC and HousingForward Board member

C-PACE: Creative Financing for Energy Efficient Housing

Presented by Andrew Friedman, Consulting Business Development Representative, Virginia PACE Authority

C-PACE is a new and innovative financing source for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements in affordable housing developments and rehabilitation projects.

Opportunity Lending: Capital for the Common Good

Presented by Lawson Wijesooriya, Director of Development and Strategy at Urban Hope

Can homes in one of Richmond’s highest-priced neighborhoods rent to families earning less than half the area median income? Can a landlord survive on rental income while trying to protect affordability against aggressive gentrification forces in a neighborhood? Urban Hope’s answer to this is yes. Urban Hope has been solving tough affordability challenges by creating rental housing through our innovative private loan offering, long term financing strategy, and secret sauce of relationships. When we view our private resources as tools for common good, we can overcome market challenges and create communities where everyone can find a home.

New Approaches to Housing

Blue Point

HomeSharing: A Scalable and Simple Solution to Address the Affordable Housing Crisis

Presented by Jennifer Hammer, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Silvernest

We can change how we can live by delivering the many benefits of homesharing—independence, housing choices, financial wellness, powerful social connections—quickly and at scale through the use of technology and tri-sector partnerships.

Central Virginia Regional Housing Partnership: A Collaborative Approach

Presented by Keith Smith, Chairman of the Central Virginia Regional Housing Partnership

The Central Virginia Regional Housing Partnership is a cross-sector advisory body that aims to promote and deliver affordable housing across the Thomas Jefferson Planning District. The organization is in the midst of a strategic planning process that will poise it to be more effective in the region. This presentation will briefly outline the past, present, and future of the CVRHP and how regional collaboration is critical to providing solutions to the affordable housing crisis.

Our Cookies Don’t Fit Your Cutter: A Trauma-Informed Paradigm for Financial Counseling

Presented by Carolyn Loftin, Director of Programs at Urban Hope

What would happen if we were to breakup with cookie cutter financial advice, and really prepare people to make better money decisions based on what they actually value? What if I told you that the key to unlocking this new paradigm is embedded in trauma-informed care, values-based learning, and a youth pedagogy wheel for teaching?

Join Carolyn Loftin in a fun-filled presentation that challenges what we have always thought, and replaces it with a creative approach that is sure to help repair financial health all around! Why be told what to do with your money, just to get a specific thing, instead of learning how to manage your money overall for financial health and true freedom?

Confessions of a Real Estate Investor: An Outsider’s Strategy for Inclusionary Affordability

Presented by Michele Williams, Chief Visionary at COBA US, Inc.

Are you reading another scathing editorial about workforce housing development? If you could just “sit them down” and explain to them… But what if an outsider “sat you down” and expressed how they see development? This presentation, from a housing advocacy perspective, shares an empathetic approach to planning, zoning, and development, and how decision makers can work with community advocates obtain common goals.

How do you focus a YIMBY campaign based on target populations’ knowledge (or lack thereof) of “Affordable” Housing? This 20×20 will detail how a simple survey can be used for education, marketing, and community change.

Continuing Education Credits

American Institute of Architects - Virginia
American Planning Association - Virginia Chapter

Several HousingX sessions are being submitted for accreditation by AIA Virginia and APA Virginia. Upon approval, credit hours will be updated in each session’s description. For questions regarding accreditation or other continuing education credits, please contact housingx@housingforwardva.org.

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