Housing & Health

Housing and Health in the Potomac Area

The connection between our homes and health has never been clearer. As our homes and communities have been a vital part of keeping us safe during the pandemic, the Potomac Health Foundation and HousingForward Virginia are working together to investigate this important relationship and build more policy solutions to use housing as a way to keep people healthy.

PHF and HousingForward convened two virtual town halls in May 2021 to educate about our work, talk about new data, and let community members help determine where housing and health policymakers should be focusing their efforts. Their knowledge and input will be used to construct new program proposals later this year.

HousingForward Virginia recently completed a housing and health study for Potomac Health Foundation, which serves eastern Prince William County and portions of Stafford and Fairfax County. As with our previous work at this intersection, we explored the demographics and housing aspects that are impacting resident health.

Due in large part to stakeholder feedback, the report was amended to reflect the key issues that have major implications on housing and health in the area and varying ways to address them: 1) high housing and transportation costs, 2) a sprawling built-environment, 3) a growing immigrant population, 4) a rapidly aging population, and 5) racial and ethnic disparities.

HousingForward Virginia will be continuing to work with Potomac Health Foundation and a coalition of stakeholders to design a pilot initiative to promote health via housing, addressing one or more of these major issues.

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