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Housing and Health in the Potomac Area

Potomac Health Foundation

The connection between our homes and health has never been clearer. As our homes and communities have been a vital part of keeping us safe during the pandemic, the Potomac Health Foundation and HousingForward Virginia are working together to investigate this important relationship and build more policy solutions to use housing as a way to keep people healthy.

PHF and HousingForward convened two virtual town halls in May 2021 to educate about our work, talk about new data, and let community members help determine where housing and health policymakers should be focusing their efforts. Their knowledge and input will be used to construct new program proposals later this year.

In the coming weeks, we’ll use the input from these meetings to finalize the report currently being drafted. The report will use data to demonstrate the important connections between good homes and good health, and pave the way for progress by highlighting proven solutions from across the state and nation.

Later this summer, we’ll work with PHF and other community partners to build out a pilot initiative to begin implementing by year’s end. Stay tuned for the final report and more information on next steps.

In the meantime, click the buttons below to download slides and notes from the Town Hall meetings, and please contact us if you have any questions.

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