Connecting Housing and Health in the Potomac Health Foundation Service Area

The Social Determinants of Health: Economic Stability; Neighborhood and Physical Environment; Education; Food; Community and Social Context; Healthcare System
The Social Determinants of Health

The connection between our homes and health has never been clearer. As our homes and communities have been a vital part of keeping us safe during the pandemic, HousingForward Virginia continues to link the various social determinants of health to provide a clear picture of how addressing housing needs can contribute to not only individual well-being, but the well-being of entire communities. 

Over the past several months, HousingForward has been working with Potomac Health Foundation to determine the housing and health needs of their service area (eastern Prince William County, northern Stafford County, and southern Fairfax County). HousingForward will complete the report in late April 2021, as we gain additional feedback from stakeholders to enhance our findings.

In May, HousingForward Virginia will begin the second phase of our work with Potomac Health Foundation. As we share our work with residents through virtual town hall sessions, we will also welcome feedback from residents and elected officials to understand the unmet housing and health needs of residents in the service area.

This information will inform our work throughout the summer, when we will convene housing and health care stakeholders to explore potential partnerships in the development of a pilot initiative to address those housing and health care gaps. This work will result in the implementation of a pilot initiative that will be supported by Potomac Health Foundation.

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A map of the Potomac Health Foundation's service area: Northern Stafford County, Eastern Prince William County, and Southern Fairfax County.

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