Work Continues on Statewide Housing Study

We’re on track to complete the H.B. 854 study by the end of the year.

Since work began during the last quarter of 2020, we’ve convened the Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) three times, completed a survey of housing providers across the state and held focus groups to better understand the results, and drafted findings and recommendations for four out of six SAG subgroups.

Right now, we’re compiling and analyzing housing, demographic, and socioeconomic data from across the Commonwealth to complement what we’ve learned from providers so far. Virginia Housing and DHCD are helping us collect and analyze program data as well. There’s also surveys of clients, users, and community members to pore over, plus more findings and recommendations from the SAG subgroups.

We’re looking forward to meeting with the SAG several more times this summer, then beginning on the draft final report. The report will include all the results of our engagement with providers and their clients; housing needs assessments and projections for the whole state; analysis of existing programs’ scope, scale, and effectiveness; and findings and recommendations for new and existing programs and priority areas of the Commonwealth.

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