Personalized Commuting Cost

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Personalized Commuting Cost
(only for those traveling to work by vehicle alone or carpooling)

To determine roughly the cost of your commute to work, please enter the number of miles traveled per day to and from work.
(Make sure the area you’ve chosen above is the area from which the commute is made.)

Enter your daily round trip miles to work
Number of riders equally sharing cost
Roughly your annual cost of commuting is:
Roughly your monthly cost of commuting is:


To determine your household cost of commuting, get the commuting cost for each worker in your household and sum.

Note: Calculation is based on cost per mile that considers fuel cost, maintenance cost, tire cost, and fixed operating cost over the life of a $20,000 car.

Sources: MLS Sales Data (Virginia Association of REALTORS®), U.S. Census, American Community Survey, Federal Transit Administration 2010, National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) 2009, Energy Information Association’s (EIA), Bureau of Transportation Statistics, national, 2010,,,,, National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s, and Virginia Tech Center for Housing Research.


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