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The Housing Price Index (HPI), issued by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, measures the average price change of existing single-family detached houses in repeat sales or refinancing of the same properties. Based exclusively on conventional mortgage data from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the HPI measures the movement of house prices and is a consistent indicator of the appreciation of single-family detached homes over long periods of time. Growth or decline in price appreciation over time reflects trends in housing affordability based solely on cost. Each quarterly HPI released utilizes revised data and provides an updated historical view of housing price appreciation (the index numbers for previous quarters may change from those published the prior quarter). The HPI, available at the national, state, metropolitan area, and non-metropolitan area levels, is based on all-transactions and is not seasonally adjusted.

How has the “Housing Price Index” change over time?

Housing Price Index

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Missing points = Data not available.
Note: If a jurisdiction is within a MSA, the index reported is the Index for that MSA; otherwise the jurisdiction index reported is the non-metropolitan area index (same for all jurisdictions not within an MSA).
*An indicator or appreciation of property values, the housing price index measures the average price change of single-family house prices in repeat sales or refinancing of the same properties (all-transactions index, not seasonally adjusted).

Source: Federal Housing Finance Agency

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