The FWD: Haven’t voted? Today’s the day.

The FWD #132

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If you aren’t one of the 2.7 million Virginians who have voted already, you’ve got nine hours to join them.

It is 10 AM on Election Day 2020. Polls in Virginia have been open since 6 AM and will be until 7 PM. Across the state, forecasts call for clear skies and highs around 60°F. Over 2.7 million Virginia voters have already mailed their ballots or visited the polls early—about 69% of the total turnout in 2016.

While COVID-19 has front-loaded turnout this cycle, there are still over 3 million registered voters in the state who haven’t cast their ballot yet. If you’re in this group, here’s what you need to know:

  • Check your voter registration status online.
  • Find your polling location using your current address.
  • Voting lines close at 7 PM. You can still cast your ballot if you are in line by then.
  • All Virginians will vote for President, US Senate, and House of Representatives. Many localities also have local races on the ballot. Sample ballots can be found at VOTE411.
  • Two amendments to the state constitution are on the ballot this year. Amendment 1 is a package of redistricting reforms, and Amendment 2 would provide personal property tax relief to disabled veterans.
  • If you have issues casting a ballot, witness voter intimidation, or see any other abnormalities, call the national Election Protection hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE. Spanish, Arabic, and Asian languages hotlines are also available.

Housing isn’t specifically on the ballot here in Virginia, but we encourage you to explore the candidates’ views on affordable housing and use those as one of many filters for your decision. And if you’re hungry for even more election results tonight and this week, keep an eye on two housing bond referendums in neighboring Raleigh and Charlotte.

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