Looking Back on HousingX 2019

Where we came from, and where we’ll go.

Our first “un-conference” on innovation in housing happened in May 2019. Now, three years later, we’re ready for the next big thing. But first, let’s recap.

Three Keynotes

Change was the focus of the three keynotes at HousingX 2019. Artist and author Noah Scalin told the story of how he completely revolutionized his work life to sustain innovation. Deb Sheehan of CannonDesign encouraged participants to look for ways to disrupt the old ways of the housing industry. Former Charlotte, NC Mayor Jennifer Watson Roberts spoke about the importance of youthful, metropolitan thinkers in advancing equity and justice in the housing world.

12 Talks

HousingX 2019 brought together experts from every sector to discuss innovation in their fields, including architecture, construction, housing finance, policy, and organizational development. Each presenter had 15 minutes to showcase what was changing in their corner of the housing world. You can watch all 12 talks on our YouTube channel.

Experience Lab

The HousingX Experience Lab is not your average exhibit hall. Instead of booths where anyone can advertise their company’s products or services, the Experience Lab consists of a curated selection of exhibits designed to engage and educate participants about the future of housing. In 2019, IndieDwell participated by setting up a full-size shipping container home inside the event space. Other experiences included a VR home tour by RBA Architcets, and a selection of pieces from the VCUArts undergraduate juried exhibition, “Home Sweet Home.”

Registration for HousingX 2022 opens next week.

Stay tuned for announcements about our next “un-conference” in Newport News on May 24th and 25th! Bookmark the link below and be the first to get tickets when they go on sale January 13th at midnight.

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