How Will the Pandemic Change Affordable Housing?

How will the pandemic change the way we design, build, and finance affordable housing? How can we change the way we work to help make housing more resilient and sustainable in the face of future pandemics and other natural disasters?  

Kicking off this year’s Governor’s Housing Conference, HousingForward Virginia will convene a pre-conference session on Tuesday, November 17 at 3pm. This session will bring together a virtual discussion group of affordable housing practitioners to engage in a conversation about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on a range of issues around affordable housing. We anticipate approximately 30 housing providers and advocates will participate in the dialogue with an open line for others to watch and comment.

HousingForward is collaborating with Hill Studio, a design firm based in Roanoke, to explore the home design, materials, site planning and locational impacts of the pandemic. Other topics will include financing, affordability, housing stability, tenure, and service delivery. The session is designed to generate ideas for further research that HousingForward, Hill Studios and other partners will carry out in 2021.

What better way to launch your 2020 GHC experience than to participate in this timely discussion? Stay tuned for more information about how to join us.  

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